Writers, brand yourself

How do you brand yourself as a writer? Is it through words, pictures, audio, or visual. Branding, I like to think of it as a “writer’s voice” except just more profound. A writer prefer standing out for their work and effort. Branding allows you to do this. Branding yourself maybe a logo, picture, quote, or a verbal quote. Whatever you do, you want it to be pertinent to your image and it’s remembered.

According to marketing experts branding is a reflection about you and your services and  products. They state that business owners are consistent and true to their brand and continue to be true for the sake of the business. A website, packaging, and promotional messages are branding instruments. In conclusion, In writing, branding makes a statement for the writer.

I am a writer/ author/educator is my branding. These words explain who I am and what I do. I am  a writer. I am an author. I am a educator. Not only it’s what I do also, it’s the work that I love. Therefore, I decided to to brand myself with the “I am” decree.  I think of my branding style being  unique and significant.

Ann Shannon

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Kindle Books

I have written two short informative Kindle Books that may help to enlighten someone’s way. Kindle Direct Publishing makes writing and publishing  ebooks  easy and carefree. It’s a simple process for new and mature writers. The royalties are 35% or 70% and the distribution areas are in the United States and World Wide. There are Terms and Conditions you have to agree to. The Kindle Lending Library allows people to read your ebook free for a certain amount of time. Kindle Direct Publishing changes the way writers can publish their ebooks- fiction and non-fiction.

My two kindle ebooks are: Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece. This is a nonfiction ebook taken from my writing experiences. Before I start writing, I like to relax my mind because I expect ideas to come forth.  I write about the techniques that I use such as breathing and relaxation methods, concentration, and meditation. I want my writing to be interesting and I want to achieve my writing piece with ease. This ebook teaches new and mature writers how to write using their inner creativity. There is a workshop named the same ,Write to Relax Now, which students are taught the techniques listed.

Teaching the GED Class is an kindle ebook that has questions and answers about the General Educational Development Test. There is added information about the GED class. This is a class and test for people who have not received a high school diploma. It’s my experience as a GED instructor to have questions with answers students and others ask regarding the GED test. Both of these ebooks are found on Amazon Kindle.

Ann Shannon is a writer, author and educator. She teaches GED at a community center in Chicago. Also, she has written a children’s book, The Wilder Kids. Ann Shannon writes blogs, ebooks, Web Content, and articles for herself and others. Her email is ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Fiction writing

Everyone loves to read a good fiction story. Fiction writing style is truly creative. The author of a fiction story must involve their idea, creativity, and imagination. Its complex on how a fiction story is written. The author has to include a plot, characters, and conflict. Fiction writing is the combination of real-life and imaginary ideas. Fiction stories has a purpose to spark an emotion within readers, therefore, providing a sense of entertainment. People may read fiction stories that relate to their way of living.

Fiction stories are available in a number of genres, such as, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, horror and suspense. These are some of the ways fiction writings are done. What is your favorite genre? Within these story types, fiction stories provide emotion  to the reader which is key for a book to become a success.

Fiction writing allows the writer to dream and imagine their story and share it with others. Fiction is “expressing the inner self” in a story form. The success of fiction books are extreme because everyone loves a good book to read. Everyone has an interesting story to tell, what is yours?

Imagination used in writing fiction is a good thing. That true creativity can come forward, where the writer feels free in expressing their writing talents. Ideas, insights, and intuition plays a major role in creating a story that will be around to read, forever. In fiction writing, the imagination is one faculty that is needed and admired when writing.

Ann Shannon is a writer/author/educator. Her email is ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Fiction Writing

Do you read good fiction books? Fiction writing is fun, easy, and creative. It allows the mind to wonder and relax in the thinking process. The wonder process, we will call it: brainstorming. Fiction writing let whatever is in the mind; suspense, romance, horror, fantasy, and other creative ideas come to life in writing. A good fiction book can be either one of these subjects or others. A good fiction book has an interesting plot, different characters, chaotic scenes, and common settings. What makes a fiction book good depends on the ‘reader that reads the book’, the quality of the book can vary from reader to reader.

Fiction writing is writing for the imagination, letting it be free. Most authors of fiction may agree that writing fiction is the authors telling their desires, experiences, insights, and beliefs. All of this is created into a delightful story, a story that resonates with the reader. When the imagination is involved, the writing process is  easier and quicker. Writing a fiction story is listening to the story inside the mind and placing the story on the paper.

There are authors, writers, and bloggers that prefer to write nonfiction and chooses not to write fiction. Nonfiction writing requires the writer to do accurate research, paraphrase correctly and use direct quotes. This writing allows a writer to be less creative and imaginative in their work. Nonfiction writers may find writing fiction a more joyful experience. Fiction writers may find nonfiction tedious and plain. Every writer should explore fiction writing because it reflects the writers true creativity.

Ann Shannon is a writer/author/educator. Her email is ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Let’s Blog

Are you a blogger? Blogging is the latest writing trend. You can blog about anything-something that’s interesting and newsworthy. There are different kinds of bloggers- fashion, politics, fitness, finance, education, and the list goes on. You can blog about your friendships, relationships, employment, and career. Blogging allows a writer to write from their understanding and knowledge using resourceful news information. Many bloggers start writing guest blogs on other websites. Later, they write blogs for their own website.

Typically, a blog is about something specific. It targets a market or a certain group. This blog is about writing blogs.  A blog has more information  than pictures information mostly nonfiction; unlike a website that has videos and pictures. Blogs has started  successful careers for people who write blogs for other people-hired bloggers.

Big and small companies are now blogging about their products and services online. This open another avenue of advertising about their business. Hiring bloggers to write on their business blogs about sales, hiring, profit margin, upgraded products, upgraded services, advertising and other business related ideas. These businesses can expand and build by using blogs to find new clients and business associates.

Guest blogs is what bloggers do to get their products or services out in the cyberspace world where it can be recognized by people. Blogging about a book or ebook is now common. A blog can be as long as you like. The length can range from 250 words to 1,000 words or more, targeting something in particular like fitness, romance, education or finances.

I am a blogger and a blogger for hire. I blog for myself and others. When blogging I am required to do research especially for nonfiction topics. Guest blogging is something I prefer to do more of.  I have two blogs http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com and http://www.Annsha2.wordpress.com.  The first blog is about education and the other is about writing. Blogs can reflect who you are and what you do. I love writing and teaching; blogging about these subjects is what I do.

Ann Shannon is a writer/author/educator. Her email is ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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Writing in the New Millennium

The millennium began in the year 2000. I think of the new millennium which is now started in the year, 2010. The years 2010-2020 is known to be a decade, but I refer to it as the new millennium. I call it that because it’s a new day for writers of  all kinds. Why? Because of the changes that has taken place for writers,  opportunities are enormous for all writers to excel in their craft.Technology is one of the reasons why new and mature writers can write with a sense of freedom.

The internet has allowed writers to successfully evolve online and offline.  “Instant Publishing” has open doors for new writers on the internet. Now, authors can write an electronic book named an ebook which they can publish and sell it online. Writers can start their own online newsletter, blog, and publish it and have followers instantaneously. These followers maybe potential writing clients, or loyal readers. Their ebooks, newsletters and blogs can serve as their writing samples. Writers can build a website or use the free websites to get exposure for their books, articles, and blogs. Immediate communication is now possible between writers and their readers.

Search engines provides easy access to finding definitions and proper spelling of words and research is done by using the online encyclopedia,Wikipedia. They provide other avenues for writers to use  such as images, emails , news, and videos making the information for the writing process easier. Some newspapers and magazines are available online and offline making writing work available online and offline. Now, available online for new writers are writing organizations and writing mentors.

The latest and innovative idea that has come along are epublishers. They allow writers interested in writing ebooks to publish with them. They have submission rules and royalty standards like a traditional and self – publisher. Now, reading an ebook is easier and more convenient because of ebooks apps, Kindle, Nook and other electronic devices. Options are now open to readers, they can read free or purchased material  ……..online and offline.

Audio books are becoming popular especially for readers who don’t have the time to read, but have the interest in listening to  books. Audio books are easy to use, handle, and are an addition to a hardcover books. They can be heard in the car or in the home, they are great  for people whom are auditory-learners.

In closing, writing in this new millennium can lead to even greater writing opportunities online. Who ever knew that a writer or anyone can publish themselves on the computer especially twenty-five years ago? Writing online allows writers to be flexible, creative, profitable and give them an opportunity to have more exposure. The time is now for all writers to continue to write and enjoy their craft.

Ann Shannon- writer/author/educator – ann50joy@yahoo.com

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Writing is content

What is writing? Writing is using words to express a story or information about someone or something. This is my definition. What’s yours? One thing we all know being a writer or not that content is important in the writing world. It doesn’t matter how many words are typed or written, but the importance of the quality of the writing. The world of writing is larger and greater than ever before because of the creation and usage of the computer and internet. Writer’s have the ability to write articles, blogs and short stories on the internet, using the computer to publish their works. Once the writing has been published through the internet the readership is magnified globally because of the internet. Allowing good content and writing skills to be a necessity in today’s world.

Writing content can range from fiction, nonfiction and creative nonfiction. The genre of writing, I think comes from a place within the writer that they are most comfortable writing about.  I believe all writing work has readers, because of the content and the writer’s voice. We all need to remember that knowledge is power that come through( written) words when used correctly and wisely. Good content is what readers look for especially when they reading nonfiction material about a particular subject. This material gives expert information and examples. Fiction material is good when it sparks emotions in a reader or provides them with a sense of entertainment.

When writing books, ebooks, blogs, articles and Web content strongly, consider the effect your content has on the reader. Is the content helpful, knowledgeable, enlightening, or entertaining. Then make a conscious effort to write the best content because it’s a necessity for a writer to gain new readers. Content is reason that writers write (tell information) and readers read (read information) that will eventually begin a relationship between a writer and a reader.

Ann Shannon writer/author/educator – email: ann50joy@yahoo.com

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