A Writer’s Voice

Are you aware that every writer has their own voice in writing? They may naturally write horror, suspense, romance, fiction or creative nonfiction. They write a style of writing because this is what feels comfortable for them to write. Most writers that love their writing are happy people who succumb to a long life of writing.
A writer’s voice is unique , simple, and creative. I believe for an author or writer to know their voice they need to continuously write and write different genres and styles. The best genre of writing that is most comfortable and easiest to write is their genre. Once a writer is creative with their genre within time they develop——their voice.  Really, the writer’s voice makes you and I unique from the others. I have the pleasure of reading romantic novella that’s romance with some light suspense. I became mesmerized by the intensity of the plot—-love and suspense. As I read the book my interest grew in fiction writing. In the beginning, I wasn’t particular about reading a fiction book, I like reading nonfiction books. Later, I had completed a fiction novella book that may spark some one’s desire to write fiction and I created my writer’s voice in fiction.

There are numerous writers that write similar stories, books or ebooks, but they all different because of the writer’s voice. The voice can range from funny, historical, sassy, loving, scary, mystical, and it can keep going. No two writers write alike because of their certain style of writing. When you hear certain literature from a particular writer, you know  it’s there writing. Certain readers are attracted to a writer’s style and they will faithfully purchase their books. These people are used to the voice and the genre this author writes. Writing is a form of creative  expression with a writer’s voice intact.

There is more information about a writer’s voice on http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com. Also, I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com.


About annsha2

I am a professional writer, author and educator. I have written articles, blogs, press releases, and ebooks. I have published a children's reading and audio book. I am always seeking new writing opportunties to explore my writing creativity.
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  1. That’s what makes writing (and reading) a wonderful exercise!

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