Write to Relax

Did you know writing is a form of relaxation, mentally?  Yes it is! The reason why is that writing down creative thoughts and ideas about a subject helps to eliminate excess words and information in our minds. Now, these written down creative thoughts and ideas are clear and concise. Once we are clear about our thinking let’s say a desired goal, when the creative idea is in front of our face (written) , then we can relax. Acknowledging the creative idea or thought is more than being abstract (thought)——its objective.

Writing is a hobby for some people and a lifestyle for others. Since it’s a hobby, it can be relaxing to write poetry——sonnets, haiku’s; short stories and inspiring ebooks. Journal writing allow a writer to take a deep look into a problem and analyze the challenge through their words. This may bring solutions to the situation, therefore, the writer can relax. Writers that write for a lifestyle may find a story in their heart to write about ——somethings they always thought about. They happily write this story,book, and ebook to release their creative ideas and at the end they are relaxed. These ideas may help others more-so, it helped the writer.

Writing is therapeutic. It allow writers new and mature to express themselves further than what they ever thought about. Creative ideas and thoughts are written, but feelings can be expressed in words, being descriptive according to how the writer feels. Releasing of old thoughts and feelings can inspire new thoughts and feelings to form. Practically, when it comes to writing for therapy, everyone is a writer so everyone can just relax!

Writing to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece, by Ann Shannon is an ebook that helps new and mature writers to write with a relax state of mind. The topics written in the ebook are relaxation, breathing, meditation, and creative visualization. The ebook is available on (kindle)Amazon.com. For more information, I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com or read  more at http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com.


About annsha2

I am a professional writer, author and educator. I have written articles, blogs, press releases, and ebooks. I have published a children's reading and audio book. I am always seeking new writing opportunties to explore my writing creativity.
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