Writing is content

What is writing? Writing is using words to express a story or information about someone or something. This is my definition. What’s yours? One thing we all know being a writer or not that content is important in the writing world. It doesn’t matter how many words are typed or written, but the importance of the quality of the writing. The world of writing is larger and greater than ever before because of the creation and usage of the computer and internet. Writer’s have the ability to write articles, blogs and short stories on the internet, using the computer to publish their works. Once the writing has been published through the internet the readership is magnified globally because of the internet. Allowing good content and writing skills to be a necessity in today’s world.

Writing content can range from fiction, nonfiction and creative nonfiction. The genre of writing, I think comes from a place within the writer that they are most comfortable writing about.  I believe all writing work has readers, because of the content and the writer’s voice. We all need to remember that knowledge is power that come through( written) words when used correctly and wisely. Good content is what readers look for especially when they reading nonfiction material about a particular subject. This material gives expert information and examples. Fiction material is good when it sparks emotions in a reader or provides them with a sense of entertainment.

When writing books, ebooks, blogs, articles and Web content strongly, consider the effect your content has on the reader. Is the content helpful, knowledgeable, enlightening, or entertaining. Then make a conscious effort to write the best content because it’s a necessity for a writer to gain new readers. Content is reason that writers write (tell information) and readers read (read information) that will eventually begin a relationship between a writer and a reader.

Ann Shannon writer/author/educator – email: ann50joy@yahoo.com


About annsha2

I am a professional writer, author and educator. I have written articles, blogs, press releases, and ebooks. I have published a children's reading and audio book. I am always seeking new writing opportunties to explore my writing creativity.
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