Fiction writing

Everyone loves to read a good fiction story. Fiction writing style is truly creative. The author of a fiction story must involve their idea, creativity, and imagination. Its complex on how a fiction story is written. The author has to include a plot, characters, and conflict. Fiction writing is the combination of real-life and imaginary ideas. Fiction stories has a purpose to spark an emotion within readers, therefore, providing a sense of entertainment. People may read fiction stories that relate to their way of living.

Fiction stories are available in a number of genres, such as, science-fiction, fantasy, romance, horror and suspense. These are some of the ways fiction writings are done. What is your favorite genre? Within these story types, fiction stories provide emotion  to the reader which is key for a book to become a success.

Fiction writing allows the writer to dream and imagine their story and share it with others. Fiction is “expressing the inner self” in a story form. The success of fiction books are extreme because everyone loves a good book to read. Everyone has an interesting story to tell, what is yours?

Imagination used in writing fiction is a good thing. That true creativity can come forward, where the writer feels free in expressing their writing talents. Ideas, insights, and intuition plays a major role in creating a story that will be around to read, forever. In fiction writing, the imagination is one faculty that is needed and admired when writing.

Ann Shannon is a writer/author/educator. Her email is


About annsha2

I am a professional writer, author and educator. I have written articles, blogs, press releases, and ebooks. I have published a children's reading and audio book. I am always seeking new writing opportunties to explore my writing creativity.
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