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I have written two short informative Kindle Books that may help to enlighten someone’s way. Kindle Direct Publishing makes writing and publishing  ebooks  easy and carefree. It’s a simple process for new and mature writers. The royalties are 35% or 70% and the distribution areas are in the United States and World Wide. There are Terms and Conditions you have to agree to. The Kindle Lending Library allows people to read your ebook free for a certain amount of time. Kindle Direct Publishing changes the way writers can publish their ebooks- fiction and non-fiction.

My two kindle ebooks are: Write to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece. This is a nonfiction ebook taken from my writing experiences. Before I start writing, I like to relax my mind because I expect ideas to come forth.  I write about the techniques that I use such as breathing and relaxation methods, concentration, and meditation. I want my writing to be interesting and I want to achieve my writing piece with ease. This ebook teaches new and mature writers how to write using their inner creativity. There is a workshop named the same ,Write to Relax Now, which students are taught the techniques listed.

Teaching the GED Class is an kindle ebook that has questions and answers about the General Educational Development Test. There is added information about the GED class. This is a class and test for people who have not received a high school diploma. It’s my experience as a GED instructor to have questions with answers students and others ask regarding the GED test. Both of these ebooks are found on Amazon Kindle.

Ann Shannon is a writer, author and educator. She teaches GED at a community center in Chicago. Also, she has written a children’s book, The Wilder Kids. Ann Shannon writes blogs, ebooks, Web Content, and articles for herself and others. Her email is


About annsha2

I am a professional writer, author and educator. I have written articles, blogs, press releases, and ebooks. I have published a children's reading and audio book. I am always seeking new writing opportunties to explore my writing creativity.
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