Write to Relax

Did you know writing is a form of relaxation, mentally?  Yes it is! The reason why is that writing down creative thoughts and ideas about a subject helps to eliminate excess words and information in our minds. Now, these written down creative thoughts and ideas are clear and concise. Once we are clear about our thinking let’s say a desired goal, when the creative idea is in front of our face (written) , then we can relax. Acknowledging the creative idea or thought is more than being abstract (thought)——its objective.

Writing is a hobby for some people and a lifestyle for others. Since it’s a hobby, it can be relaxing to write poetry——sonnets, haiku’s; short stories and inspiring ebooks. Journal writing allow a writer to take a deep look into a problem and analyze the challenge through their words. This may bring solutions to the situation, therefore, the writer can relax. Writers that write for a lifestyle may find a story in their heart to write about ——somethings they always thought about. They happily write this story,book, and ebook to release their creative ideas and at the end they are relaxed. These ideas may help others more-so, it helped the writer.

Writing is therapeutic. It allow writers new and mature to express themselves further than what they ever thought about. Creative ideas and thoughts are written, but feelings can be expressed in words, being descriptive according to how the writer feels. Releasing of old thoughts and feelings can inspire new thoughts and feelings to form. Practically, when it comes to writing for therapy, everyone is a writer so everyone can just relax!

Writing to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece, by Ann Shannon is an ebook that helps new and mature writers to write with a relax state of mind. The topics written in the ebook are relaxation, breathing, meditation, and creative visualization. The ebook is available on (kindle)Amazon.com. For more information, I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com or read  more at http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com.

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A Writer’s Voice

Are you aware that every writer has their own voice in writing? They may naturally write horror, suspense, romance, fiction or creative nonfiction. They write a style of writing because this is what feels comfortable for them to write. Most writers that love their writing are happy people who succumb to a long life of writing.
A writer’s voice is unique , simple, and creative. I believe for an author or writer to know their voice they need to continuously write and write different genres and styles. The best genre of writing that is most comfortable and easiest to write is their genre. Once a writer is creative with their genre within time they develop——their voice.  Really, the writer’s voice makes you and I unique from the others. I have the pleasure of reading romantic novella that’s romance with some light suspense. I became mesmerized by the intensity of the plot—-love and suspense. As I read the book my interest grew in fiction writing. In the beginning, I wasn’t particular about reading a fiction book, I like reading nonfiction books. Later, I had completed a fiction novella book that may spark some one’s desire to write fiction and I created my writer’s voice in fiction.

There are numerous writers that write similar stories, books or ebooks, but they all different because of the writer’s voice. The voice can range from funny, historical, sassy, loving, scary, mystical, and it can keep going. No two writers write alike because of their certain style of writing. When you hear certain literature from a particular writer, you know  it’s there writing. Certain readers are attracted to a writer’s style and they will faithfully purchase their books. These people are used to the voice and the genre this author writes. Writing is a form of creative  expression with a writer’s voice intact.

There is more information about a writer’s voice on http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com. Also, I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com.

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A Fiction Story: Complicated Misunderstanding

Complicated Misunderstanding is a intriguing fiction story about a young, smart, beautiful, woman who finds herself involved. There are two men who are interested in her except she has interest in another man. This story has its twists and turns, find out who is the other man. The story provides complicated love in this woman life with misunderstanding issues of trust.

Complicated Misunderstanding is expected to be available on Amazon.com (kindle) in the near future.  Another (kindle) ebook by Ann Shannon is Writing to Relax Now: Mental  Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece. This ebook is written for new and mature writers that teaches how to recognize those inner creative ideas within. The ebook focuses on meditation and relaxation and affirmations.

Ann Shannon is a writer/author/educator. She teaches her workshop, Write to Relax  Workshop at libraries, community centers, and universities. Her writing includes fiction, nonfiction and creative nonfiction. She has written unpublished poetry. She can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com and http://www.ann.shannon321@facebook.com.

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I am a writer, author, educator

Hello everyone, I am a professional writer that writes fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and short stories. I have written ebooks and a children’s book. My writings are published and unpublished. A writer of  nonfiction and fiction ebooks and a children’s creative nonfiction book, these  material are available online and offline.

Writing to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece is an ebook that has a workshop with the same name. The Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College is a book and audiobook. Currently, I have completed a novel, Complicated Misunderstanding, is an interesting love story.

I write for myself and others. I write press releases, articles, ebooks , books, blogs, and Web content. I have completed writing work for others for business purposes. I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com, ann.shannon321@ Facebook.com, Twitter@plenty52 and LinkedIn.

I written and self-published, The Wilder Kids I Really Want to Go to College. This story is about children in the sixth graders influenced by their friend Charles. He talks while they listen about his enthusiastic conversation about college and the importance of getting a college education. It’s for students 8-11 years of age. I created the audiobook which is different because it includes an open-ended lesson at the end of the story. The Wilder Kids  book and ebook is available by emailing me at ann50joy@yahoo.com.

Writing to Relax Now: Mental Relaxation for Writing that Masterpiece is an ebook that gives information on how writers can recognize their inner creativity. Relaxation, meditation, breathing, concentration and visualization are important tools used to help reach that level of inner creativity. These tools are discussed in the book with a synopsis of  my outcome as I work through each technique. The ebook is available at Amazon.com(Kindle).  In the near future, Complicated Misunderstanding will be an ebook
on Amazon.com(Kindle).

Officially, I am an educator by my first career. I taught grammar, high school and college, I love  and enjoy teaching. Becoming an educator or instructor allows me to share the knowledge about a subject that I like.  In my teaching, I understand there are different styles of learning, therefore, I am aware that my lessons meet the needs of my students.

Writing to Relax Now Workshop is a course that teaches people how to self-reflect about their creativity also, allows the students become proactive in their learning, teaching them relaxation, meditation, breathing, concentration, and visualization skills. These skills are used to accomplish great writing skills for producing a successful book and ebook, interesting articles, informative blogs. The workshop is 10-weeks. It is taught at libraries, community centers, and universities. If more information is needed, I can be emailed at ann50joy@yahoo.com or visit my blog at http://www.write2educate.wordpress.com.

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